Do you make your clients feel like titans, or just like bored consumers?

You run a gym, luxury sporting goods company, or adventure holiday brand, and you have the creeping feeling that things could somehow be better.


Maybe it’s worse, and you’re floundering in a mire of obscurity, staring bleakly as your would-be clients ride away into the sunset.

Here’s the thing. With any business – and especially with health, fitness, sporting and adventure brands – it’s all a matter of visualisation. It’s about getting people to see themselves living larger than life, standing triumphant, because of the great things you offer.

I’m a professional at doing just that, and I wield the written word like a fine-edged blade to cut through confusion, jargon, and tedium and strike right at the heart of your message.

Run-of-the-mill copy gets run-of-the-mill results at best. I’ve worked with big-name brands and small family-owned businesses alike, and I know how to spin a good yarn whatever the occasion.

I’ve been around the health and fitness world throughout my adult life. I know the language, the science, and the mythos.

Click on the contact tab at the top of this page, and let’s discuss how I can help weave your vision into reality starting today.

About Me

How’s it going, reader?

I’m Dan, and if you’ve got this far, you already have some idea of what I do professionally.

So, here’s a slightly more personal look into my life.

Some of my earliest memories are of wading through glimmering crystalline pools and trekking into the depths of mist-garbed and enchanted woods.


What I’m actually getting at is that I’ve been addicted to two things for my entire life; good stories, and directly engaging with the world around me.

Over the years these fixations have taken me all over the place, from my birthplace in South Africa, in the shadow of Table Mountain, to the eternal wetlands known as the United Kingdom. I’ve sat on the deck of the world’s oldest steamboat, stalked through the tangled heart of Europe’s last surviving primaeval forest, and stopped by assorted gyms, forests, obstacle courses and the like along the way.

I’ve found myself writing everything from eBooks on survivalism, to diamond-sharp corporate sales copy. I’ve covered the ancient origins of the noble fridge, delved into wild-man fitness movements in the woods, and paged through more scientific studies than I ever imagined I would, for the sake of understanding the truth behind different diets and lifestyles.

The eternal constants have been my love of storytelling, and my burning desire to experience and understand things head-on. I like to think that makes me a natural writer.


Some Samples of My Work


Laura Sutton, Copywriter at Musto


“Despite the tight deadlines and changeable nature of the project, Dan delivered on time every time. He took on a topic he originally knew little about and produced product copy that was both accurate and informative, as well as producing well-written, compelling product stories for us.”


Michael Rogers, Scriptwriter Coordinator at Global Vocational Skills

“Dan is one of our most established scriptwriters at GVS, and has made invaluable contributions to the overall growth and development of the company. He regularly takes on, and adapts excellently to, new information and specialist subject matter and provides high quality and timely work for us on a wide range of topics. He is always open to taking on script revisions based on our evolving production standards, and is accommodating, polite and easy to work with. We highly recommended his services!”


Nick Hutchings, former Editor at Men’s Fitness

“Dan writes well-researched, compelling copy to deadline – every single time we commission him to do a story for us.”



James Flanagan, Editorial Assistant at John Brown Media

“Dan has produced copy for us on a wide range of topics. Applying a mixture of personal knowledge and in-depth research, he has been able to produce engaging, motivating and original articles that stand out from the crowd – always to the satisfaction of the client. I am confident that I can give him as little as a title, and will receive a quality piece of work – on-time – in return.”



Kai Coombes, Managing Director at SPRK’D

“Dan Wessels has produced high quality writing for me on a wide array of topics, ranging from promotional pieces to in-depth articles. He is a pleasure to work with, has a creative and original voice, and consistently produces his work on schedule.”


Antonella Villani, SEO & Content Specialist at PureBlue

“Dan is a versatile and talented writer, and has created great content for my clients in line with their specific requirements. He’s always open to adopting novel approaches to a task. I’d recommend him highly to anyone looking for an innovative communicator.”


Jonathan Clarke, I.T Specialist at Kybotech

“After working with Dan I can safely say that he knows his stuff! He communicates well with every member of the team and makes sure that you always get the right message across to your audience.”

Hire Me

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